YouTube offers you the most efficient lowcost way of showing your brand to a vast audience.

All the precision of segmentation, all the potential of a video.

Large audience segmentation, user experience (more implicated and receptive to this kind of publicity), as well as the particular characteristics of the platform, make YouTube the ideal place for audiovisual advertising.

YouTube advertising allows us to insert banners and text next to the content that the user will see, but we can also publish video ads, the TrueView ads.

This system works on the Cost per Visualization (CPV), model, a payment method which offers very low and competitive costs from just 0,03€ per view.

The advertiser only pays if the user watches the whole advertisement or at least watches 30 seconds, even though they have the option to omit the ad after five seconds.


  • TrueView in-stream
  • TrueView in-display

What advantages does TrueView have

  • Segmented audience who is consuming content
  • No payment for ads that users skip because they do not wish to see them
  • No minimum investment and maximum control of the budget and management
  • Remarketing functions can be used to reconnect with interested audiences
  • Detailed reporting with information about videos where an advertisement has been shown

Our management campaign services for YouTube include the setting up, management, continued optimization of campaigns, follow-up of conversions and other direct response metrics.

If you have audiovisual components in your products and/or commercial brand, YouTube can complement your television and other media campaigns in a surprising way. Try out YouTube and you will reach your public, however specific and particular they may be.