Valuable contents that you will want to link.

Development of SEO contents

Why content marketing?

Content has always been at the centre of internet marketing strategies.
From the appearance of Google Penguin, content marketing has also become part of the vocabulary of SEO professionals.

Some years ago, in order to obtain essential links for positioning, you could opt for “easy” links to place in directories or commentaries etc. or you could even buy them. But Google Penguin made the internet marketing world complicated and began to evaluate the quality of links in a new way (including the penalization of those practices which Google disapproved of), that turned them into the main, and almost unique tool, to obtain links.

Only by designing a good marketing content strategy can you offer something really valuable and capture the attention of third parties with a social reach that can genuinely contribute to those vital links for SEO.

Content development for SEO

We plan and create quality content that, in addition to supporting business marketing strategies, permits the use of links through promotion or social reach.

Our expert SEO marketing team, with the collaboration of Eva Sanagustín, defines the most suitable content strategy based on the sector and public target, to which we add all our knowledge about the investigation of search patterns.

The services include the strategic content plan which, following an audit of the current content, will define the most suitable concepts and formats and will offer advice on the production of contents that will naturally attract attention and generate interest, leading to a conversation or a recommendation.

We also offer the possibility to contract content production.