SEO made to measure. We assist you with complex projects or migrations.

SEO consultancy. 100% made to measure.

We offer closed packages of SEO Audit, depending on the size of each project, which includes a standard review of the problems and opportunities for SEO in order to produce an optimization plan.
However, some clients have specific needs which do not fit our SEO audit proposal. For this reason, we also have a made to measure SEO service, our SEO consultancy which supports or assists you in specific situations which impact your web positioning such as:

  • Migration of domains or URLs.
  • Web re-design or enlargement.
  • Launch of a mobile web or responsive.
  • Loss of traffic from Google.
  • SEO viability of landings.
  • Contents marketing for SEO.

Our most senior consultants are in charge of these SEO tailor made consultancy projects. Each project is evaluated on an individual basis and fees are calculated based on hours of dedication required for investigation and analysis, meetings with the development team, etc.

The minimum contract hours is 10 hours at a rate of €150/hour.