Using the programmatic buying technology Display & Video 360 by Google, we offer our advertisers new opportunities to reach their potential customers in all screens and to personalize messages to achieve more profitable campaigns which cover all kinds of strategy objectives.

Intelligent Media Buying

What advantages does the programmatic advertising offer?

  • With Display & Video 360 we can access up to 80 ad exchanges, giving us an extensive reach which ensures that we target the right opportunities.
  • We have access to the Premium inventory through private or reserved deals.
  • We have access to data providers who offer similar audiences and segmentations to that of our target public or who are currently in a process of decision making or buying.
  • Precise personalization of the message using dynamic creativity tools including text formats, images and videos.

Real Time Bidding (RTB)

Real Time Bidding automates the bidding for media using an auction model based on methods of predictive analysis to evaluate in real time each potential impression at the precise moment of showing, to enable a realistic decision about the viability of the bid and the price, based on the criteria of the advertiser’s strategy.

These technologies can analyse data to “think” in real time and make intelligent bidding decisions after evaluating which impressions will reach customers with the maximum potential for conversion. The final price depends on demand and specific audience attributes.

Technology and Creativity work together:

  • To be relevant to the user. Advertisements are personalised based on audience attributes.
  • To show ads on any screen. We can reach customers on all screens with enriched formats.
  • To identify audiences more precisely. Using own and third party data, brands can find the audience segments they most need.

Do you want to discover these new opportunities to make more intelligent campaigns using the most sophisticated bidding and segmentation technology?

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