Today LinkedIn has more than 150 million users. This social network is aimed at business people at degree level and above. 37% have a post-graduate qualification and 50% hold decision-making roles in their companies. This has converted LinkedIn Ads into a great opportunity to reach a large number of potentially highly qualified clients.

Connect with professional profiles.

The strong point of this social network is that it can be segmented by professional profiles. That means we can select specific companies to target our publicity towards their workers and to further direct advertisements to specific roles, professions or business sectors which most interest us, as well as segmenting by age.

LinkedIn is the most specialized of the B2B sector.

If your aim is to find new clients to expand your business, grow your network or promote your services and products to profiles segmented by profession, LinkedIn Ads will give you very good results.

What services do we offer?

We manage LinkedIn from the beginning, including preparing and setting up the advertisements and following up their performance.

With LinkedIn campaigns you can select two kinds of ads:

  • Those which include, text, images or videos to connect with clients in a professional ambit.
  • Sponsored content which can be new or pre-existing to reach a wider public.