Google AdWords advertisers use words or expressions that they want to be found by in the search engine and also the maximum amount they are prepared to pay for each click.
The advertisement appears each time the user instigates a related search, but the advertiser only pays if the user clicks on the advertisement and follows the link straight to the client’s web.

The most flexible and viable way to get new clients.

  • You will only pay for results obtained, when users click on the advertisements that take them to your website. The price of each word is determined by its competition and the number of advertisers who want to buy it.
  • There are no minimum investment costs or fixed costs for words.
  • You will start getting clients in just 1 hour, or even less. The campaign becomes active in a matter of minutes.
  • You will have absolute control and maximum flexibility over your investment. There are no obligations and your campaign will only be active whilst it continues to be effective.
  • You can divide your campaigns geographically. You can advertise only in those areas where your potential clients reside or operate.
  • The campaign can be modified in real time and changes are applied instantly so that you do not lose a single opportunity.

Our solutions

New Advertisers

If you want to try your first AdWords campaign but are not sure of your optimum investment, ask us for information about our investment services from 1.000 euros. The service includes coupons of 75 and 150€ of discount in your first campaign.

Set Up Service

We set up your account from the beginning and deliver it to you when it is ready for publication. We study the key words, prepare the advertisements and structure your account to the optimum. From this point on the management and maintenance of the campaign is controlled by you.

Personalized offer

If none of these offers suits you, call us, we can design a campaign which perfectly fits your needs and budget.