Yes, Google Ads is very easy. But a Google Ads campaign managed without clear criteria can cost you thousands of euros in useless clicks. However, a professionally managed Google Ads campaign can convert your Google campaigns into the most efficient acquisition channel.

More results for your money.

When you make a big investment in AdWords you need to work proactively every week on the campaigns in order not to lose opportunities and maintain a positive ROI. Outsourcing the management of the campaign can bring great advantages:

  • Saving of daily time maintaining the campaign (management of bidding and key words, management of placing and offers, languages, etc.).
  • Saving in time spent on analysing the campaign results.
  • Saving in staff training. We are always up to date on the latest techniques and changes in the system.
  • Cost savings. We know how to spend your budget in the most efficient way, because we have learnt from hundreds of campaigns.
Our services do not require a permanent contract.
We want you to work with us only for as long as you want to. Without conditions without any small print.
Magali BenítezManaging Partner

We test and analyse each aspect of your campaigns and optimize them rigorously, giving them our full attention.

What does a Google Ads management service offer?

  • We will constantly monitor the viability of the keywords.
  • We will review and optimize your advertisements, constantly looking for the best return on investment.
  • We constantly measure the conversion and return on each cent invested.
  • We review the pricing and bidding strategy.
  • We use all the available tools to improve results: Website Optimizer, Google Analytics, tools to follow up conversions and constant monitoring of your results.
  • We analyze the return on the landing pages of your campaign.
  • We evaluate new opportunities and try them out.
  • We prepare personalized reporting, based on the needs of each advertiser.
  • We meet regularly with the advertiser to talk about the return on investment and alternatives for improvement.

How much does a Google Ads management service cost?

  • Our fees are initially calculated as a percentage of the investment, which we establish based on investment stages. The bigger the investment, the small the percentage we apply.
  • For e-commerce or transaction webs, it is possible to work with fixed CPA models, or fixed models plus CPA, which is personally established for each account.

Questions? Want to know what advantages you will get from a professional campaign management?

Call us on (+34) 938 175 740 and we will offer you a guide to our conditions and fees for the professional management of Google Ads.