We encourage you to create Google Shopping campaigns which have a true conversion with the maximum investment control.

Increase your e-commerce sales

Management of Google Shopping campaigns

  • We set up your Google Merchant account and define the data files to adjust the campaigns to your needs.
  • We optimize the data file contents so that they are as relevant as possible and obtain the best quality data.
  • We segment your advertising campaigns into product categories, brands or other values, depending on your sales objectives or offers.
  • We prepare display campaigns with dynamic ads and/or dynamic remarketing campaigns.
  • We assess you in the follow-up of electronic commerce using Google Analytics.
  • You will be assigned a specialized account manager for your Google Shopping campaigns.

How do we optimize Shopping?

We must guarantee that the correct products are being shown in such a way that, in addition to planning the structure of the campaigns and bidding per product, we are involved in the recommendation of product titles, descriptions and attributes.

Our team of specialists in e-commerce have extensive experience in the optimization of Google Shopping, whether they are small retailers or advertisers offering thousands of products, and they can assess you on:

  • Data feed quality
  • Personalized labels
  • Image optimization
  • Search terms
  • Priority of categories, products, etc.
  • Bidding strategy.