More than 12 years of designing and managing campaigns, but especially making Google Ads campaigns profitable.

Quite simply, everything you need for your Google Ads campaigns. Simply. Everything.

In 2005 we obtain our first Google AdWords certificates and since then we have offered management and optimization services for Google campaigns.

Certification programmes for agencies have evolved over the years and we have continued to maintain our relationship with the Google Partners, now as a Google Premier Partner.

This has given us access to a wide range of advantages: advanced training, exclusive invitations to betas, discount coupons and direct access to a Google Account Manager who personally meets any special needs of our accounts.

Google Ads agencies have direct support and relationship with Google, but with the difference that our aim is to constantly maximise the results of our advertisers, making Google Ads an instrument, but never the sole aim of our work.

Nevertheless, we love the Google Ads concept. The truth is we have acquired vast experience from watching how it uses a fantastic method to achieve clicks and clients in the most effective and profitable way possible.

What service do Google agencies offer?

In our case, we aim to offer all kinds of assessment or handling of tasks in relation to Google Ads campaigns. As a Google Premier Partner, we take care of everything. If you are a new advertiser, we will create your campaign from the bottom up. Once we have studied the keywords which will result in the best opportunities, we write the ads, prepare or create destination pages, translate into a range of languages and measure the results and conversions.

If you already have a campaign underway, our services can focus on the overall management and the improvement and optimization of results at specific moments, seasons or whenever you consider it necessary, by offering outsourcing services or providing a regular monthly campaign management.

We act as a liaison between you and Google, solving your problems, applying improvements and ensuring that your campaigns are profitable. We always have our team of agencies in Google Dublín on hand for special consultations and to work on the application of good practice and system improvements.

Working with an agency is not expensive. In fact, the cost of outsourcing the management is easily offset by the improvement in the campaign’s profitability. What’s more, Google AdWords is a constantly evolving environment and it takes time to change and apply the latest techniques for each account. If you work with an agency you can forget about training and learning all the updates and concentrate on your web and following up on the opportunities your campaign generates.