If you prefer to manage your own Google Ads within your company instead of outsourcing, we offer a Google Ads consultancy service to help you to focus your PPC strategy, to learn best practices and obtain assessment on any aspect of your campaign that concerns you.

Save on experiments.

We have hours of experience.

Some of the most frequently asked questions include:

  • How to improve conversions without spending more on clicks
  • How to increase the CTR or response ratio to ads
  • How to interpret campaign results and reports
  • How to design the most suitable campaign management: tools, reports, review frequency, change monitoring, etc.
  • How to monitor conversions from the click to the web

Google Ads Audit

We have planned closed packages of hours which can be used for areas such as the solution of specific problems or questions to the complete review of the account and recommendation reports or even a complete proposal for the optimisation of the account including planning the structure, groups, writing the ads, etc.

These sessions can be held in person or online where one of our Google Ads, analysts will review your account and offer personalized advice and solutions to suit your needs.

  • Consultancy hours, minimum 1 hour, where you choose how many hours you need (AdWords Answers).
  • Packages of 4 or 12 hours (Google Ads Check or Google Ads Auditpro).

Do you have any questions about the conditions of service or the type of solution you are looking for?

Contact us and we will arrange a brief telephone session or chat to discuss the details.