With Bing Ads we can place advertisements in Bing or Yahoo and the partners Yahoo Bing Network. As with Google Ads, we choose the words and you only pay for clicks.

The best complement

Nowadays, Bing Ads, campaigns, despite a lower user reach, tend to be more economically priced than Google AdWords campaigns, making them an excellent complement. Therefore, if you are already an AdWords advertiser or if this is the first time that you are trying buy per click campaigns, Bing Ads is an interesting option to consider when creating your digital marketing campaign.

What services do we offer?

Our management service for Bing Ads campaigns includes the setting up, management, preparation of the advertisement, control of conversions and other campaign metrics as well as continuing optimization.


Bing Ads has a certification programme for professionals. Polièdric has professionals who are certified in Bing Ads to offer our advertisers the highest quality in all tools available on the market.